JDT Islam orphanage and affiliated institutions bagged the award for the best institution in child welfare in the country instituted by the Union ministry of women and child development.

New Hope English Medium School


New Hope English Medium School is a new initiative of JDT Islam in its endeavors to provide quality education to the next generation. The fact that English medium education is a highly sought after pursuit of all parents encouraged us to start this institution. Established in 2002, the New Hope English Medium School conducts classes under the CBSE Syllabus.

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3, November 2018

Observing of vigilance Awareness Week from 29 october to 3rd November 2018.


Mrs. Sandhya

Mrs.Sandhya MA Bed is trained post graduate with 9 years experience as a teacher and two year experience as a CBSE Principal in Jdt Islam New Hope English School.